I absolutely adore this family. I’ve captured her parents tie the knot, photographed Miss Kennedy for the last two years, and now Miss Adley is finally here! She rocked her photos, of course, it’s in her genes.;-)


Let me start off by saying that Miss Juliette was pretty much every photographers dream… she was such a tiny thing, and the BEST sleeper! We had sooo much fun trying out new props on this precious girl (check out our new swing!), and even incorporating her mommy and daddy’s crown that was their wedding cake topper (isn’t it the perfect prop for a first baby?!).  It was an absolute joy capturing her sweetness, and we look forward to watching her grow this year.

  • Cindy Poteet Smith - Beautiful baby for a beautiful couple.

  • Susan Buchanan - My great niece is a beautiful wee angel.

  • Wanda King - Absolutely precious!

  • Cathrine White Zarchin - Our precious granddaughter. Thank you Jenna and Max. We adore her. ZiZi and PazzoReplyCancel

So I learned a little thing or two the other day: being in front of the camera is tough and silly work!  I think I take it for granted when I ask all you moms and dads to simply sit down in the described, perfectly contortioned position and smile like the pose isn’t awkward and you don’t have two children wiggling a squealing on your lap.  It’s a lot harder than it looks!  So first off, I have to congratulate all of you that allow me to bend, mold, and pose you into the most flattering of positions….you all ROCK IT!  So now it’s my turn and I definitely didn’t pose with as much grace as all of you;-)I laughed and lost it so many times with Michelle {Michelle Leah Photography} that we had to recompose ourselves before moving on.  Michelle was kind enough to photograph me in a fun styled shoot doing what I love, biking, for my headshot updates for Memories and for Danielle Evans Photography, my wedding website.  We have finally updated our Memories Portraits About Us page and Heather will be blogging on her experience in front of the camera soon.  Oh, and today my NEW wedding website just launched, so make sure you pop over and take a peek at it too!  Michelle did such a fantastic job that it was hard for me to pick my favorites, so here are the top ones!  Thanks love!




We are so thrilled to bring back our Lazy Days of Summer Mini-Session series!  We’ll be revealing two more mini’s throughout the summer… but we are OVER THE MOON with our first theme in this series, Midsummer Dreams!  Just in time for Mother’s Day, this mini would be perfect to capture mom with her favorite little ones, or just the kiddos playing on their own.  This styled session provides the perfect outlet to capture those tender and fun-loving moments. Each session is $350 and includes 10-12 perfectly-retouched, full-resolution images on disc, along with an adorable 4×6 pocket album.  As a BONUS for the month of May, we will be including a STUNNING 11×14 burlap print in a rustic barnwood frame with each of these special sessions.  Yes, we said BURLAP print!  Are you intrigued??



Call 865-357-5800 today to schedule your Midsummer Dreams Mini Session… bring your fun-loving spirit, and we’ll supply the rest!


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April Fool’s Day is the perfect day to pull someone’s leg and plan a fun prank or two.  As Heather and I were joking about what we could do, we came up with some pretty bad jokes.  We did find one that we THOUGHT would be a knee slapper…although, it backfired.  Oops.  April Fool’s on us!

We were so excited to get our third bunny, Sugar, the day before and we had to figure out a good way to introduce her.  So I had the brilliant idea to take all three bunnies outside and photograph them on a swing, Heather was right by them the whole time.  Then we could make a joke about how they ran away.  We thought we were hilarious girls.  Everyone would love our JOKE about the bunnies running away.  Complete backfire.  The way Facebook cut and condensed our status, it looked as if we really lost the bunnies and were just making a statement.  If you didn’t click on the “see more” on the post, you’d have no idea we explained that it was a silly April Fool’s joke and all bunnies were safe and sound.  Oops.  Sorry everybody!  All the bunnies are healthy, happy and ready to play with your little ones!  Here are some recent teasers from some sessions last week.

Lesson learned: never joke about runaway bunnies.  Never.

Need more info on our bunny minis and how you can schedule one?  Click HERE for all the oodles of info that you need.



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